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Toilet Training

Another subject I get asked about a lot is toilet training, what is the right age? How do you know when they’re ready? And generally how to go about it. As with most aspects of childcare the correct age to begin training depends on the child and the family circumstances and most of all… are […]

Do you really need all of this equipment?

I know the world of baby equipment and latest must-haves is one of the fastest growing industries in recent years but sometimes you just have to ask, do I actually need this? I’m certainly not advocating that babies should be made to sleep in empty drawers and have one toy to play with but there […]

When to start a routine

Ah routine or no routine…? That is the question! This is probably the subject I get asked about the most from new parents, as most new mums are so determined they don’t want a routine but within a few weeks of the baby being born are desperate for some vague outline to their day. A […]

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When to give breast fed baby a bottle

Over the past few weeks I have been to a few jobs where the mother has needed to give their breastfeeding baby, a bottle for various reasons i.e. Mum is going back to work, or is having an operation, so the move to bottle feeding is necessary. The babies have been varying ages from 3-9mths. […]

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When is it time to wean your baby?

This is a controversial subject I know and opinions vary so much. However, over the past few weeks I have worked with a few families who have been struggling with this topic, which has led to problems in other areas, mainly sleeping. Yes, the NHS guidelines tell you not to introduce solids until 6mths, but […]