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A new baby is such a truly wonderful experience, however at times it can seem a little daunting. That’s where Mummy Mayday can help.

You may be inundated by well meaning advice, but what works for everyone else, may not for you and your baby. We provide practical, impartial advice based on your situation and lifestyle. Our aim is to give you the confidence and knowledge to adjust to being a family.

What you’re experiencing may be perfectly normal:-

  • My baby won’t sleep
  • My baby won’t stop crying
  • I’m not confident I’m winding properly
  • Am I feeding my baby correctly?

There are so many books and leaflets and so many different opinions on feeding, we can help you make the right decisions and to learn from our tried and tested methods.

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Jackie Mould – Maternity consultant

Jackie began her childcare career in 1987 when she passed her NNEB exam and became a nanny. Having been a maternity nurse for 15 years, Jackie has a wealth of experience in all aspects of baby care. Jackie has worked throughout the world and is internationally renowned as a “baby expert” with a no nonsense approach that instils confidence in the most nervous of mothers.

Having worked with many new mums she realised that most simply need advice and training but don’t necessarily want someone living in with them

Jackie will help you from birth to help you read your baby’s signs and to give you the tools you need to keep your baby happy.

What our customers say about us

As a first time mum with no family living nearby I found it quite daunting when we brought our daughter home from hospital. She was so precious and small but had no instruction manual. Jackie helped to get us both into a gentle routine and gave me tips from bathing to how to put the pram up! The biggest thing I got from her visit was confidence and reassurance that I was doing the right thing. She made the first few weeks far less stressful and I don’t think I could have managed without her.

At a time when things couldn’t be more confusing and different Jackie came and gave us calm, practical advice on how to set up a structured but flexible routine. It made everything more predictable and made us feel more in control and able to enjoy our little boy instead of panicking about what he might do next! Tom is now a happy, easy going baby and I am sure this is largely due to the help and advice that Jackie gave us.

Jackie is a fantastic Maternity Consultant. Having her with us was like the baby books being brought to life all tailored to our baby! She is very knowledgeable and up to date on everything baby related along with being down to earth and friendly.

Jackie came to us on a trouble-shooting job to help with our 6 week old daughter who was suffering from reflux and terrible colic in the evenings and everyone in the house was suffering as a consequence. Jackie arrived and immediately and calmly took matters into her own hands. The no-nonsense approach meant that our daughter transformed into a calm contenetd baby within 24 hours.
Jackie was not only a saviour with the baby she was extremely helpful with our older children (31/2 and 11/2 years old) She was full of good tantrum solving tips and good ideas to play.